Month: January 2017

Grace and the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Grace and her husband, JB, are both wonderful friends and accomplished physicians. Their home is reminiscent of a rejuvenation spa with a relaxing, health conscious atmosphere. Attention is paid to every detail. From organic food and air purifiers on each floor to house plants, essential oil bathroom sprays, and organic soaps, I always leave their home with new ideas for my own. During my most recent stay with them, I gained a new appreciation for the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. Read More

Western Medicine is OK, but I Love My Magnets

Using magnets for pain relief and to speed up the body’s innate healing mechanism can sound a little “New Age” to some. But, regardless of one’s belief system, this powerful technology is worth consideration when faced with many health conditions, in particular injury. I hope you’ll listen to my story, which begins on an outdoor expedition years ago. Read More