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New VP Position with Environmental Health Trust and Other Updates

I have very exciting news to share with all of you! Although I haven’t written a blog or newsletter in quite a while, I have been very busy these past couple of years. For someone who attempts to educate the public on ways to maintain health, it has been a tough time to be vocal without getting in the ring and facing harsh adversity. The public excoriation of alternative health care providers – and general mistrust of traditional health care – has left many confused. At times, I have been confused as well.
Instead of putting my thoughts “out there”, I took the time to learn and write… not blogs, but a book.  I have found the topic of my study, the health effects of electromagnetic fields and wireless communication, to be quite scary. During the writing process, I came to realize that the limited distribution of my eventual book would not have a significant impact on the overwhelming din created by the wireless industry. Smart homes, ear pods, Wi-Fi, 5G… we have filled our world with radiation. WTF?!
I meditated, or if you will, prayed, for a door to open to help me get this information out to the masses.
When our then Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, announced his candidacy for PA Governor, I was thrilled that someone genuine and motivated by goodness could potentially run our state. I vied for a spot in his administration as Health Secretary. Although I believe I came close to receiving the appointment, the democratic process played out, and an applicant already established in the health department pipeline was selected for the position.
I must admit it was disappointing, but I knew I had helped Josh’s campaign, and was pleased to receive an invitation to the inauguration. Everything happens for a reason. Patience leads to an understanding of why things evolve as they do. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I never would have been able to fund my kid’s college tuition if I had been appointed to that position. And not only that, within a month of inauguration, the train derailment in East Palestine, OH occurred, spewing toxic gas and liquids into Eastern OH and Western PA. Working for the health department certainly would have been rewarding, but it would have literally diffused my energy directed at reducing the ubiquity of EMFs and instead required my attention to all aspects of public health.
Instead, I took time to further research, write, and finish my second book. During the search for endorsements, I sent a copy of the manuscript to Dr. Devra Davis, Ph.D., MPH, an epidemiologist and public health expert and founder of an impactful nonprofit think tank named Environmental Health Trust (EHT), which I have referenced in numerous prior blogs. Dr. Davis agreed to endorse the book and extended her support, friendship, and an offer to be a scientific advisor in her organization. I was thrilled!
Devra and I worked closely for months and I became smitten by her genius, elegance, professionalism, and bravery. She entrusted me to proofread her manuscript for the updated version of Disconnect, an exposé on the hazards of cell phone radiation, and the corruption of the wireless industry and our government regulators. The book is excellent and I highly suggest you read it! Frank Clegg, the former president of Microsoft Canada, and a board member for EHT, wrote the preface.
After Devra’s recent decision to step down as President of EHT in June 2024, the board gave careful consideration to organizational restructuring. Kent Chamberlin, Ph.D., a professor emeritus and past chairman of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, has been appointed the new President and yours truly the Vice President of Scientific Research and Clinical Affairs. Other VPs will lead different branches of the organization, including Theodora Scarato, MSW and Executive Director emerita, who has worked with Devra for years and helped position the organization as a recognized leader and reputable source for scientific research and policy information. I am thrilled at the prospect of working with this highly qualified team to have a wide-reaching global impact.
In my role as VP, I will be directing the scientific efforts for EHT, which will focus on measurable forms of energetic toxicity, and in particular, electro-magnetic fields and wireless communication radiation. I will write a blogs and newsletters from that may or may not be related to EMFs. When I will release my book with the working title: UnPlug, you will certainly receive word it is available. Thank you all for your continued interest in my work.
Yours in good health,

Dr. Rob Authors a Study on Radiofrequency Radiation on Main Street, PA

Dr. Rob is pleased to announce the publication of an “Assessment of radiofrequency radiation intensity on 35 Main Streets throughout Pennsylvania, USA during the fall of 2021”, in the American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Review (AJMRR). In it, he says:

The goal of this project was to survey outdoor exposure intensity levels shoppers and pedestrians may have been exposed to while walking down a “Main Street” in 35 towns and cities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to see if radiation intensity correlates more closely to population density and urbanization, or to the presence of 5G/4G LTE small cell antennas.

It’s an important topic that affects all of us. To read it in full, see here..

Choosing the Best Food Safe Containers

food safe containers

Food containers are typically made of different varieties of hard plastic or glass. Tupperware is a common high-end brand of container that has been on the market for a long time. Tupperware states that since 2010 they have not sold items containing BPA, but that suggests their products manufactured before 2010 contained BPA. Regrettably, these products should probably be discarded. While BPA has been taken out of many plastics due to consumer demand, it has unfortunately been replaced in some instances with Bisphenol S (BPS) or Bisphenol F (BPF), both of which can affect the body’s endocrine system, just as BPA does. Studies show that BPS is found in 81% of random human blood samples tested. Just as with water bottles, food storage containers that are labeled “BPA-free” may indeed be free of BPA, but this doesn’t mean they are BPS-free or BPF-free or safe from other potentially toxic additives and compounds.
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