A Physician’s Unique Perspective On Wellness

Although many authors propose a clear distinction between healthcare and wellness, the blended perspective of Dr. Robert R. Brown comes from his conventional career as an allopathic physician along with a long, deep rooted passion for wellness and spiritual exploration.

Dr. Brown’s formal medical education began at the University of Miami School of Medicine, in Miami, Florida. Following which, he completed a residency training program in diagnostic radiology in Pittsburgh, PA. After an experiential year of world travel, he completed fellowship training at the University of California, San Diego in musculoskeletal radiology.

As a diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Brown has worked both in private practice as well as at academic centers, including NYU Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Over the span of his 25 plus year career, he has written many journal articles in peer reviewed radiology publications as well as several book chapters in the radiology literature. Having participated in the training of radiology residents and medical students over many years, Dr. Brown has been able to promote the importance for developing medical intuition as well as to stress the tenet “primum non nocere” meaning, “first do no harm.”

Dr. Brown’s varied life experiences, including surviving a diagnosis of cancer, have brought him to the understanding that wellness is optimally achieved by allowing the body to heal, rather than by manipulating it through medication and procedures.

Introducing people to their potential state of wellness by helping them create healthier lifestyle choices is an important contribution Dr. Brown enjoys. Removing toxicity, particularly from the home environment, and harnessing the enigmatic power of meditative focus, energy medicine, and magneto-therapy, can all have profound impacts on one’s health. Dr. Brown believes that creating an environmental sanctuary at home for the body to rest and heal is essential to maintain optimal wellness. The harmonious, nurturing home with limited environmental contamination, will naturally help lead one to a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

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