Toxic Home, Conscious Home by Rob Brown, MD

In Toxic Home/Conscious Home, I examine the health dangers lurking in the modern home and offers simple, straight forward solutions as to what you can do about them. This book will help you understand how you interact with your environment chemically, electrically and spiritually.

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Have you ever wondered:

  • What dangers lay concealed in the most innocent places of your home, like the water you drink and bathe in?
  • What hidden health effects cell phones and Wi-Fi routers carry, and why no one talks about them?
  • Why it is so hard to get the truth about the health effects of GMOs?
  • Why keeping a clean home, doesn’t seem to translate into having a healthy family?
  • If the material you prepare and cook your food with really matters?
  • Why you are no longer able to have a restful night’s sleep?

Whether it’s boycotting personal care products with aluminum components, avoiding the shopping aisle with aerosol room deodorizers, or keeping a cell phone out of your front pocket, I offer a simple, practical framework that will allow you and your loved ones to live longer, healthier lives.