Elementor #5

Do you feel as healthy as you think you should?

If not, it might be because you, like most of us, are being bombarded daily by hidden toxins. Chemicals and energy sources found in everyday objects, can lead to debilitating disease or death. Many of these poisons are dispersed within our own homes! Daily decisions you make, such as the type of food packaging wrap you use, the type of cleanser you use on your countertops, and the placement of your wifi router, matter, a lot!

In my book TOXIC HOME/CONSCIOUS HOME: A Mindful Approach to Wellness at Home, I will teach you helpful information you can use to reduce your exposure to these chemical and energetic poisons. Doing so will improve your health and the health of your family. It is vitally important to understand how and why the choices you make each day affect your well being.

As a physician with a deep rooted passion for health and wellness, my education and life experience have brought me to the understanding that wellness can be achieved through the combination of limiting daily exposure to environmental stressors and giving the body time and a place to heal from daily wear and tear. The human body is in a constant state of flux between healing from injury and defending itself from disease. Providing a home that is free of environmental toxins is crucial to allow the body a time and place to heal and rejuvenate. Taking time to clear and relax the mind through daily meditation is equally important to maintain optimal health.

My blog, book and website provide material to help teach you how to turn your home into an environmental sanctuary. A home created consciously will truly provide you and your family with the ability to achieve long lasting, and optimal wellness.

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Rob Brown, MD