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Clearing the Haze of COVID Misinformation: A Video Interview Worth Watching…

Over the past year, an unbelievable amount of misinformation has circulated on the internet regarding all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conspiracy theories have gained extraordinary traction, while recognized leaders and members in the wellness field and others have opined, and in some cases misunderstood and misrepresented statistics and facts – willfully, in some cases-  on their enormous platforms.

I read emails and message threads from friends and colleagues  trying to alert me to the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, the dangers of mRNA vaccines,  bizarre ferromagnetic injection sites, and others. I was even gifted a book on COVID-19 by the well-known and well-respected osteopath, Joseph Mercola, the #1 wellness doc. Although I am grateful to him for calling out many important environmental toxins in the past, I’m  not sure why his opinions retain enormous credibility in the COVID-19 discussion. I would imagine he has limited clinical experience treating COVID patients working in a private practice in Cape Coral, FL.

Amidst the smoke and mirrors, it was refreshing to finally watch a recently posted video that clarifies much misinformation and covers many if not all of the public vaccine concerns out there, such as:

– Will the vaccine cause antibodies to react against the placenta and harm my pregnancy?

– Because the spike protein is dangerous all by itself, will the spike protein created by the vaccine damage my organs and blood vessels?

– Why are so many people dying after receiving the vaccine (according to the vaccine adverse event reporting system – VAERS)?

– What is the risk for myocarditis in people who receive the vaccine?

– How can this vaccine be safe when a scientist who says he created this technology (20 years ago) has reported in interviews that he believes this technology isn’t safe?!

This video is over 2 hours long. It is an excellent interview with a pulmonologist/critical care specialist, Roger Seheult, MD and Rhonda Patrick, PhD., a biomedical scientist. Although this webinar is designed for physicians and other medical practitioners. I believe the information is presented clearly and most of the concepts can be understood by those without a background in medicine.

If you are wary of “what is going on” with the COVID vaccinations or if you have friends or family members who are suspicious and possibly misinformed, please take some time to watch at least part of this discussion. You will hopefully be able to explain why some of their fears are based on misconceptions.

Be well and stay well!!

Yes, I Got Vaccinated. Here’s Why.

As a radiologist who reads emergency room and ICU cases for a busy healthcare system in Phoenix, AZ, I can report first hand that COVID-19 is a terrible disease. In my capacity as an allopathic-trained physician, I recommended early on — before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic — that members of my community strengthen their immune system with antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc. I still believe this was appropriate advice, and it’s a regimen I continue to take daily. I am grateful to have remained healthy throughout the pandemic, as I hope you all have been.

However, over the past year, I have reviewed imaging studies detailing the damage caused by COVID-19 to patients’ bodies. It has been otherworldly. I have seen studies from hospitalized patients who suffered terrible disease. Admittedly, my view has been skewed because most people who become infected experience only mild if any symptoms and don’t go to the hospital. The risk for developing significant disease is estimated to be around 20 percent, or 1 in 5. We have all seen the increasing nationwide and worldwide death toll which hovers around 1-2% with older patients and those with pre-existing conditions more likely to succumb to the disease. This disease has killed a lot of people.

Many people — especially those who share my interest in holistic and allopathic medicine — think those numbers have been inflated by the media and that hospitals have routinely reported deaths unrelated to COVID as being caused by the virus in order to get more money from the government. In my estimation, if a person dies of a blood clot in the lung, and the tendency to form blood clots was exacerbated by the COVID infection, then COVID would be the underlying cause of death. I have seen plenty of young people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with severe lung disease and devastating blood clots, which have caused strokes, damaged hearts, and destroyed organs. Over 540,000 people have died in the US alone, but just as many if not more have seen their lives changed forever. Last week, I read a case of a 20-something guy with COVID-19 who had a large blood clot in his aorta and smaller clots throughout his left leg. I imagine they were able to break apart the blood clots using a technique called thrombolysis and save his leg — but what the heck?!

If you have read about mRNA vaccines, you know they are a new technology. I read the science behind the vaccines and find it intriguing, and, truly brilliant. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are synthetic strands of mRNA that were created in a lab and are injected into your arm. This mRNA becomes absorbed into your body’s cells because it is surrounded by a fatty layer “liposomal” which can pass through a cell membrane. Once within the cell the mRNA becomes a template to produce the spike protein. This is the protuberant feature that allows the COVID virus to gain entry into the cell. The mRNA does not include code to create the whole virus, and so there is no way the vaccine could give you COVID-19. Once the cell creates copies of the spike protein, the immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies to the protein. These antibodies would then attack the actual virus should it be encountered in the future. The newly formed spike proteins aren’t composed of mRNA and aren’t surrounded by a fatty capsule, so they cannot get into new cells and have those cells produce more spike proteins in the future. The J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines work differently.

There are potential complications, which one must consider before getting vaccinated. Indeed, whenever I do a procedure on a patient, I start out informed consent by saying, “Whenever you enter the body with a needle, there is always the possibility for a complication.” For me, I decided that the very small risk of having a vaccine reaction was worth having the extra layer of protection to safeguard my health.

If you know my work, you know that I approach each vaccine individually and with caution. It’s not that I don’t believe in vaccine technology in general — rather, I believe that a healthy immune system, supported with a daily intake of antioxidants, should be the primary defense against disease. I don’t get an annual flu vaccine. My kids received a fraction of the “schedule” of vaccines put out by the CDC. Despite my resistance, I always said that if there was a vaccine for a disease that was a deadly and genuine threat, I would get it. This is what we, as a society, are experiencing. I do think it is important for everyone to make their own choice about whether or not to get vaccinated. And, I do believe decisions such as this should not be made out of fear. But I caution you to think carefully before opting out of this vaccine. Please make sure you understand the tremendous amount of destruction this disease can do to the body, should your immune system falter and succumb to infection. Also understand that the disease doesn’t have to cause upper respiratory tract symptoms and may not result in a loss of taste or smell. From my research, the virus can enter the gastrointestinal tract and could affect your heart or blood vessels before you develop pneumonia or any upper respiratory tract symptoms.

I look at the vaccine as a valuable tool in my protective toolbox. Because the virus incidence ebbs and flows, it is hard to know if we are at the tail end of this pandemic, and for how long it will remain amidst the general population. Getting the vaccine has allowed me to relax and become more sociable. Although each vaccine has a different success rate, aka efficacy, they all help prevent catastrophic disease and death, which is the most important goal. From what I’ve read, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 100% effective at preventing severe disease. You have no doubt heard that the J & J vaccine is also highly efficacious, but less so than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. In my estimation, the protection afforded by the J & J vaccine is good enough! And, it only requires one injection. The AstraZeneca vaccine has created controversy both in Europe and here in the US. At the present time, I’m not sure what to make of this vaccine. As the expression goes… tiime will tell.

Regardless of which vaccine you take, I suggest you be well hydrated before and after the vaccine to allow your body’s immune system to function optimally and keep things flowing properly. In addition, whether or not you decide to get vaccinated, I strongly suggest you continue to take antioxidants, limit your exposure to toxins, including electromagnetic radiation, and get good sleep.

Be well and stay well!


5G – A Move into the Future! But… What about Public Health?

We have all seen commercials for 5G. And although most of us don’t really understand what 5G is, we have felt the excitement and the hype. The tech industry and world governments believe 5G to be the genesis of the 3rd industrial revolution that will transform society, allowing for the internet of things! This technology will connect the internet to our appliances, our lights, our “things” and so much more. Read More

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF): A Beginner’s Guide to Assessment and Remediation

Tech companies are flooding the marketplace with an abundance of wireless gadgets. Meanwhile, many health care practitioners around the world are raising the public’s awareness of the damaging health effects associated with chronic EMF exposure. This blog series is designed to help clarify some of these health effects and to recommend simple ways you can reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible. But where to start?

Bandwidths of EMF

To protect your health, and the health of your family, a systematic evaluation of your daily EMF exposure should be performed. Living spaces at home and in the workplace are important areas to study. Four categories of EMF should be evaluated.. These include:

  • Extremely low frequencies electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) 

These frequencies are generated by electrical wiring and appliances. Most are familiar with the potential danger of electrical and magnetic fields emanating from high tension power lines, but internal wiring within our home’s walls is a source of potentially harmful ELF-EMF.  This form of radiation can also infiltrate our homes through ground currents traveling via water pipes and even emanate from radiators! Although the intensity associated with ELF-EMF from internal wiring drops off over a relatively short distance, these fields have been implicated in sleep disturbances, especially when the head of the bed is positioned in front of an outlet and/or power cords.

  • Magnetic fields 

Magnetic waves are generated when current moves through wires and appliances. Turn on your blender or a hair dryer, and a strong transient magnetic field is produced. Some of us are exposed to constantly fluctuating magnetic fields generated by neighborhood power lines. Magnetic fields penetrate through windows and walls and vary in intensity with depending on local power consumption. Exposure to magnetic fields are becoming much more prevalent with the rapid implementation of electronic utility meters, such as the SMART meter. These devices report your usage data throughout the day and night to the utility company.

SMART meter

I have heard many people report that once a SMART meter had been applied to their house, their days of sound sleeping ended. I personally experienced a scary episode of uncontrolled hypertension which required hospitalization soon after a SMART meter was placed on my home. It was after the episode that I learned the old analogue meter had been recently removed and replaced by a SMART meter. I know two individuals who suffered atrial fibrillation requiring cardiac ablation after SMART meters were installed on the exterior of their home. Although the scientific community has not yet confirmed these cardiac associations, it has been reported that chronic exposure to high magnetic fields has been linked to an increase in neurodegenerative diseases including ALS and Parkinson’s disease  Ironically, magnetic fields are also being used to help treat Parkinson’s disease.

  • Dirty electricity

Generated from modern appliances, dirty electricity results from the common manipulation of the 60 Hz electrical current to run gadgets. Many appliances, dimmer switches, fluorescent lights, circuit breakers, and others cause surges and spikes of current, emitting radiofrequency EMF (RF-EMF).

  • RF-EMF

Microwave oven, smart appliances, wireless communication, cell phones, wifi routers, smart homes, Bluetooth devices, etc. are all examples of devices that produce RF fields. Microwave frequency (a subset of the RF band) has been shown to produce neuropsychiatric symptoms, including depression. 

The Engineering approach – Measure, eliminate, reduce, shield and remeasure again.

A complete EMF assessment requires the use of 4 different meters, each capable of detecting different bandwidths. A survey can be a complex task, especially as our environments become more infused with overlapping, concurrent frequencies. Although purchasing a detector or two will certainly help you become more aware of the presence or absence of some ambient EMF fields in your home, it may become necessary to hire a specialist, referred to as a building biologist, to come into your home to do an assessment and create a plan for remediation. 


With the aid of detectors, EMF fields can be measured and sourced. Afterwards, remediation techniques can be implemented. Methods of remediation vary depending on the frequency, location, and power of the source.

Typical methods for reducing EMF-ELF include unplugging appliances and turning off circuit breakers in the bedroom before sleep. Kill switches can be installed that not only turn off power to the bedroom but also disconnect the ground, removing any potential for dirty electricity to migrate into the bedroom. 

Magnetic fields from appliances such as alarm clock radios, which often emit strong magnetic fields, can be moved away from the bed, unplugged during sleep, or replaced by battery operated clocks. Magnetic fields emanating from electrical transmission lines cannot be remediated in most instances. Unfortunately, the only way to reduce exposure to these magnetic fields is to move further away from the wires.

Cleaning up dirty electricity may include the removal of appliances creating this contaminant or the installation of filters, such as Stetzer or Greenwave filters, or similar technology, plugging at least one filter into an outlet within each room of the home. The SineTamer is an excellent invention that clears up dirty electricity in your entire home, including on the ground! Definitely worth a look.

The application of shielding fabrics, paints and window films help reduce RF from within your home as well as from neighbors and outdoor sources. People often joke about wearing a tinfoil hat to shield your brain from EMF. It is true that foil can reflect and deflect EMF. But seriously, shielding requires some know how, including suitable grounding, and should be done with the aid of a building biologist so that hot spots of concentrated EMF aren’t inadvertently created. A bed canopy composed of EMF shielding fabric, can be an effective way to eliminate RF exposure during sleep. 

After remediation, living areas should be reassessed to ensure that EMF intensity has diminished or been eliminated altogether.

Pendants, Crystals, etc.

There are many products on the market designed to ameliorate the symptoms and health effects of EMF. These products range from pendants and stickers containing various metals or circuitry to electrical devices that produce specialized EMF signals designed to lull the brain into a sense of calmness, improving sleep. I have experimented with several of these products over the years, but unfortunately, no peer reviewed studies have shown that the deleterious cellular effects of EMF are reduced by these gadgets. More concerning is that by improving anxiety, these products may provide a false sense of security that the phone or other wireless gadget is safer to use and result in greater EMF exposure thereby potentially increasing the risk of disease. A product that improves your sleep will be beneficial, but I believe the best way to reduce EMF related health risk is to limit and/or eliminate exposure.

Professional Contacts

Building biologists are specialty trained to address unhealthy indoor environments. From mold eradication to EMF detection and remediation, a building biologist can be a valuable resource. An EMF specialist will have detectors to measure each band of frequency, and will survey every room in your home. Following, they will prepare a detailed report and make suggestions as to how you can mitigate exposure. In rare and unfortunate instances, they may tell you to move! Some people hire a building biologist in addition to the usual home inspection team, to assess interior EMF levels before purchasing a new home. EMF is not something the usual home inspector will test for. The Building Biology Institute has a certification program for training biologists in the field of electromagnetic radiation assessment. Their database can be accessed here.

Having an increase in strange and nonspecific symptoms? You may be electrosensitive to EMF


Electrohypersensitivity syndrome, or EHS, can be a product of our modern environment — infused by electromagnetic fields (EMF) associated with the use of electrical devices. Though our five senses can’t readily EMF, more and more people are experiencing a variety of nonspecific physical symptoms associated to it. And a subset of those individuals even experience an intense reaction: EHS. Read More