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Dr. Rob Brown is the author of Toxic Home/Conscious Home: A Mindful Approach to Wellness at HomeHe has made dozens of television appearances — including on FOX5 New York, PIX11 New York, FOX32 Chicago, and WGN Chicago. He’s also appeared in print and digital outlets including Reader’s Digest, Mother Earth Living, MSN, Healthline, Paper, PopSugar, and many more. (See a full list of Dr. Brown’s press appearances.)

As a practicing radiologist, Dr. Brown has aided more than 300,000 patients in the United States throughout his career in medicine. The breadth of Dr. Brown‘s professional experience has given him unique insight into the health of the American population.

Dr. Brown has worked as a radiologist in 13 states at both private and public academic centers, including NYU Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. His unique perspective on health stems not only from his experience as a physician, but also from his exploration into alternative forms of health care and his passion for helping others achieve wellness. Dr. Brown gained a broadened perspective on health, while volunteering his medical expertise in Tanzania, teaching medical imaging to local doctors. Observing traditional healings by an Iban medicine man in Malaysia and discussing traditional Tibetan medicine in the Himalayas have further shaped Dr. Brown’s vision of health and wellness. His personal regime reflects his teachings. He has incorporated a wellness lifestyle at home, practicing daily meditation, opting for alternative forms of health care when appropriate and tending to an organic backyard farm, reaping the benefits of farm to table nourishment for himself and his family.

Dr. Brown‘s education and diverse background have fueled his mission of educating others on living a healthier lifestyle and sharing his deep understanding of what it means to be joyful and living life to its fullest. His varied life experiences, including surviving cancer, have helped him understand how precious one’s health truly is. Drawing on this personal experience, his inspiration behind his new book, Toxic Home/Conscious Home: A Mindful Approach to Wellness at Home, focuses on the ways environmental stressors inside our homes are harmful to our health and how to reduce their concentration or rid them from our lives for good.

“Growing up in a health-conscious environment naturally led me to a career in the health care
profession,” Dr. Brown says. “My blended perspective of wellness derives from a long-term
conventional career as an allopathic physician mixed together with a longstanding passion for
wellness and spiritual exploration.”

Dr. Brown welcomes queries from the press on topics including:

– Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) concerns, including radiation emitted from mobile devices and wireless WiFi routers
– Genetically modified organisms (GMO)s and the ubiquitous use of glyphosate and its effect on our physical health
– The correlation between excessive light pollution, insomnia and overall health
– Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and the increased incidence in frequent users of ear buds and headphones
– The Toxic Substances Control Act and the EPA’s current hold on chemical bans
– Toxicity of paraffin candles and other scented products in and around your home
– …and much more!

Dr. Brown received his B.A. from Brown University, M.D. from The University of Miami
Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, and completed his residency training in diagnostic
radiology at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital. Dr. Brown completed a musculoskeletal
radiology fellowship at University of California San Diego, during which time he authored
several research papers subsequently published in peer reviewed publications, including
the industry-leading journals Radiology, AJR, and Radiographics. He currently resides in
the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

For more information, visit and connect with Dr. Brown on Facebook and LinkedIn.